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2011 December

28 Dec


Ambiq Micro showcases the future of chips

December 28, 2011 | By |

Mobility has changed the chip industry already, but the rise of the iPhone and devices such as e-readers are only the beginning. If we’re going to create an Internet of things that connects back to a cloud powered by millions of servers, the chip world will have to change drastically to reduce power consumption, shrink in size and embrace new architectures. Fortunately these things are already happening, and here are three startups that showcase the big upcoming shifts.

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03 Dec


Cleaning Up in Clean Tech

December 3, 2011 | By |

In the venture capital world, sometimes you find the investment, and sometimes the investment finds you.

That’s what happened to Ryan Waddington, BS ’93/MBA ’99, on his continuing hunt for early-stage companies as co-founder and managing partner of Huron River Ventures. The firm invests in clean technology companies that focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and advanced transportation.

Huron River’s latest investment is Shepherd Intelligent Systems, led by Adrian Fortino, BS ’00/MBA ’10. Fortino was an engineering classmate of Waddington’s partner at Huron River, Tim Streit, BS ’00.