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For Entrepreneurs


Here’s what we like:

Early-stage ideas with a near-term milestone. “Pre-Revenue” doesn’t scare us, but “Science Project” does.

Disruptive solutions. Your solution better address major customer pain points. We like 10x performance improvements, 90% cost reductions, and 1-2 year payback periods (or faster). That is, it better be truly compelling.

Capital efficiency. If “Building a Plant” is part of your 12 month plan, we probably are NOT a fit. If you can prove the model with $1-2 million, duct tape, and bailing wire we’re intrigued.   If you can do it all with less than $20 million, you definitely have our attention.

Large addressable markets. Size matters. Pick a high growth market that supports at least a $100 million business.

Industry fit. Solve a problem for customers in sectors that fit our strategy and that we know something about.

Michigan nexus. If we can’t help, we won’t invest. The closer you are to us, the more helpful we can be. (That probably means you live or work in Michigan).


Here’s why you want to work with us:

Support. There is strength in numbers. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves.

Network. Our job is to know the people that you will need to know, before you need them. Investors, Customers, Employees, and Strategic Partners.

Experience. This isn’t our first rodeo. We know where the potholes are and will help keep you on course.

Capital. We can help you get started and specialize in helping our CEOs source follow-on capital.


If you’ve got what it takes, here’s how you get started:

Step 1: Boil your game-changing idea down in to a 1-2 page Executive Summary and email it to one of us.

Step 2: If we like your idea and see how we can help, we’ll invite you to send us more materials through Gust and schedule a meeting or conference call.

Step 3: If we like what we see, we’ll write a term sheet, ask to join the team, and help syndicate the round (if necessary).

Step 4: Kick @$$ and take names