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Why We Are Here

We created Huron River Ventures in 2010 when we moved back home to Michigan with a Vision and a Mission.

Vision: With the growth in global demand for resources like energy, water and food outpacing supply, there is an increasing need for technologies that enable more efficient use of these resources. In addition, with the proliferation of mobile technology and cost effective software and services, opportunities abound for entrepreneurs to disrupt old industries. As entrepreneurs tackle these market challenges, businesses are emerging with solutions never before possible. Blessed with an abundance of technical talent, supportive infrastructure, and a gritty “can do” attitude, we see Michigan (and the entire Midwest) rediscovering its entrepreneurial roots to emerge as a leader in developing these solutions.

Mission: We created a venture fund for one reason: to help entrepreneurs change the world as they bring their ideas to life. By seeing their potential, providing support where needed and rolling up our sleeves when required, we help our teams break through barriers, define new markets and create value for customers. When we help people succeed in business, our communities benefit.